Water treatment and purification equipment
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For the production of water for pharmaceutical use, one must always start with potable water according to WHO, the purification of the water to obtain potable water depends on the source of raw feed water for the system (or local regulations). The feed water available for the production of pharmaceutical waters usually contains different concentrations of solids in suspension and contaminants which must be removed before feeding the various items of equipment for pure water production. These contaminants or compounds are usually oxides of iron and manganese, calcium, magnesium, solids in suspension of various sizes, soluble salts, organic compounds, and so forth.
The retention devices commonly used in pre-treatment are:
• Multimedia filters
• Duplex softeners
• Particulate filters
Dosing of chlorine, NaOH, metabisulphite.


Purified Water

The main characteristic of purified water is the low level of contaminants such as:
• Dissolved organic matter
• Solids in suspension
• Micro-organisms
• Colloidal content
• Gases
The most important parameters to be checked and regulated according to the various pharmacopoeias are:
• Conductivity
• Microbiology
• Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
Endotoxins (LAL)

Multiple/Simple Effect Stills
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Multiple Effect Stills

The WFIS multiple effect stills consist of a series of pressure vessels in the form of columns, called distillation columns or effects, that are interconnected, communicating vessels. Each column is divided into two parts: a double tube sheet (DTS) heat exchanger that acts as an evaporator, and an upper chamber used to separate pyrogens preventing the drops carrying impurities from reaching the end of the column. The group is supplied as a compact unit on a skid with all components readily accessible.

Steam Generators
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Electrical Pure Steam Generators - PSG-E

The PSG-E electrical pure steam generators consist of a vertical pressure container, in the form of a column. Electrical elements are installed at the base to heat the water. The steam flows vertically upwards, but due to the effect of gravity the water droplets do not exit the chamber.
The water is supplied preheated in a tank, also containing electrical elements, where degassing occurs. The system is supplied as a compact unit on a skid, with all components readily accessible.


Pure Steam Generators - PSG

The PSG pure steam generators consist of a vertical pressure container, in the form of a column divided into two parts. The lower part consists of a tubular heat exchanger, with a double tube sheet (DTS), connected at the top to an expansion chamber or separating column, which allows the steam to flow upwards and prevents water droplets from exiting the chamber To improve the energy efficiency, the preheated water is introduced into a tank with an exchanger, where degassing occurs. The system is supplied as a compact unit on a skid and all its components are readily accessible.

Storage and distribution systems for pharmaceutical quality water
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Purified water and water for injection storage and distribution skids

The equipment indicated for the parts of the system that come into contact with the water should be of 316L stainless steel, ideally with internal surfaces polished to below 0.8 µm (ASME BPE). Other materials may be used such as polypropylene for example, however these systems have limitations and are rarely used. All elements in contact with the water must be of the sanitary type, and connections must be made by orbital welding or be tri-clamp connections.
The main items of equipment in a storage and distribution system are:
• Storage Tank
• Impeller Pump
• Heat Exchanger
• Ultraviolet Radiation Equipment (In purified water only)
• Main instrumentation:
    Level Transmitter
    Conductivity sensor
    Flow Meter
    Temperature Probe
    Pressure Transmitters
• Control Panel


Purified water and water for injection distribution loops

The water distribution loop must be made from sanitary materials of the same characteristics as those of the storage and distribution skid. The main characteristic is that they must be 100% drainable so they will be designed with gradients towards the points of use so that in the event of a shutdown of the installation no water will be retained in the loop. As for fluid mechanics, the water must circulate in the pipe in turbulent flow (speeds over 1 m/s and Reynolds number over 10,000 are advisable) in order to minimise risks of contamination which would occur if it were to circulate in laminar flow, a positive pressure must also be guaranteed in the return to the tank (1 bar). For this, various instruments will be used such as a variable speed drive for the pump, pressure probe and flow meter.
The loops must be correctly insulated in order to minimise heat loss, thus achieving considerable energy saving, and in clean rooms this must be of stainless steel.
The fixing of the installation must be made using hex type sanitary pipe hangers covered with polymer material (according to the temperature) to minimise the risk of external corrosion of the pipe.
The main elements of the distribution loop are:
• Pipe
• Fittings
Point of use valves (Diaphragm Type)


Pure steam distribution

The pure steam distribution must be designed so that the least quantity of condensates enters the equipment to be sterilised. Components in contact with clean steam must be of the same characteristics in respect of materials and surface finish as the water distribution loops. This distribution must be well insulated to minimise heat losses and the production of condensate, and also to achieve energy savings in the system.
The main items of the clean steam network are:
•    Piping
•    Fittings (Elbows, Tees...)
•    Point of use Valves
Steam Traps

Biowaste (Waste Treatment)
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Biowaste (Waste Treatment)

The inactivation and subsequent elimination of biocontaminated waste is an obligation for the industries involved.
Telstar's systems are specialisation in biological inactivation via thermal and/or chemical processes of any type of liquid waste from production processes, samples, analysis and auxiliary installations.
The main provision when designing these systems id the reliability to guarantee the inactivation processes to ensure protection of personnel and the environment.

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